Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleepy from a day of inhaling country air and the kind of hunger that walking in nature brings needed an excellent resolution. So, we headed back to Leicester, collected the sax-playing daughter, and made our way to an Indian restaurant highly recommend by her parents. Poppadoms on Welford Road revealed a capacious ‘Restaurants-R-Us’ interior, which belied the very good quality of the food. And nothing better goes with excellent curries than to wash it all down with a tall, chilled bottle (or two) of Kingfisher beer. The teenager (fully old enough) rounded out her meal with a shot of Southern Comfort. Brought back fond memories, that did.

Undeterred by copious amounts of spicy vindaloos and kormas, chutneys, paratha, and rounds of beer, we said good night to the Greenhill Road crew at their door and raced back to Montague road. This time we were determined to make it to the Clary before last call. And we did.

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