Monday, April 27, 2009

At Radio Leicester we picked up a copy of the earlier radio interview. Thwarted by a herd of youngsters heading for the entrance, we skipped a visit to the Guild Hall. One more stop in Leicester Market because it was the day the “Hat Man” would be there and then we were off to Sheehan’s on London Road. This family-run shop could be the epicenter for Leicester change. Every time we go back it’s expanded and now the store had relocated a few doors down from the original site that The Mister recalls fondly as a young bass player. And it’s bigger. And better. The Mister and Noel (looking very successful indeed) chatted up for a bit and we headed back to Greenhill Road where dinner would be served.

Having finally dispensed with the last of the delicious party left-overs: Siggy’s signature vegetarian chili dish and my well-received guacamole, we headed along with the Contessa and Jazz’s friend Kay to The Curve. Kay helped add to my growing repertoire of arse-based phrases: Can’t be arsed. Rat arsed. Arse over tit and arseholed. What ‘ave you got the arse about? Gads, I love the language here. There is a veritable treasure trove of expressions for penis alone!

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