Saturday, October 29, 2016

I can’t remember your name
which doesn’t mean I didn’t love you then
it does not negate my mean in those times
I was a falling down human
I was a falling star
the people I hurt
are in this glass now
at the bottom
who will rise to the top
tears are for queers
and straights and angry
and funny in one liners
in so-called undefiners
I can’t remember your name
and one time you seduced
me and ravaged me
I was a fairy a nondescript
until you saved me
like all the bosses of
my body and my soul
I can’t remember your name
like me
like you
that is all
that is all
she says you were born to be loved.
maybe, maybe
I was born to be a slave
maybe, maybe
I can erase
maybe maybe
the time has come
maybe maybe
I am home in this place

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

how to be a woman

it’s harder than you think
so many inconsistencies
trip the female on her way
where to go
what to be
in the cold light of day
how to handle expertise
how to sound like a woman
it’s simpler than it ought to be
many sins notwithstanding
it causes females to duck and sway
a winner’s grandstanding
when the no fly zone
is tempting
where to check hairdos
in orchestrated  debates
before lying onstage
before coming of age
you have been groped
you have been raped
that’s understood
you have twisted that hanging rope
of every male who has
fucked your sweet hope
you have gritted your teeth
under a duvet of lies
being a woman is easy
with compromise
wear your heart on a sleeve
that leaves an arm fully bared
ready a punch or caress
the grin or the stare
how to be a woman
it’s easier than you think
trust your strength
send the clowns to the corner
make them stare into the brink
mine your worth
write your lyrics
be a woman
be earth