Wednesday, September 28, 2016

wrapped tonight in
autumnal luster
vulgar notions of
aging creep ever closer
soft urgent crossings
in the tide below
cars full of waves
wet the road with laughter
imagine the poet
that outruns danger
the glare of the laptop
a green-shaded lamp
books stacked with abandon
daring Sisyphus to climb
the cat’s cry distracts from
a weighty mantle
night bus below
dusts off an urge to travel
the cat pulls himself
into protective sleep
whatever his night fears
the mourning dove’s keep
on the back firescape
will return him to gentle
whatever his night fears
he’ll reject sentimental
laughter below
is it mad or cruel
the mantle slips from my
shoulders as usual
I write like the tide
it knows no refusal
no excuse
no regret
no answers
no muscle
whatever my fears
I reject sentimental
unwrapped tonight from
autumnal luster

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


weights come in all sizes
and implied intonations
passive aggressive
like sand meets the ocean
reading a master
head bowed in devotion
weights come in all sizes
drunk ravings
and then some
handwriting the lines
in-between the bravings
dogs are complacent
dogs are mean
handwriting lines in pencil
truths in-between
are everything we speak
though it comes with an accent
language well spent in
weights of all sizes
purpose reposed as
the will to resent
weights come in all sizes
the cats gather resentment
in a small intention
they rid us humans
of the darker dimension
weights come in all sizes
pick a spot
warm that tent
I shall stay here forever
I shall never relent
I shall stay here forever
weighing intent
weights come in all sizes
I am a believer
the end