Saturday, April 23, 2016

how I remember you
is how I will
because everything that was
comes back to the is
nothing changes that
not gratitude
not meditation
not even lines of demarcation
glass is us the sisters of soul
you made that call
I went along
the broken moonlight
our historic reflections
choose me for direction
how I remember you
is what will recede
caught in conversation
arranged by intention
a dubious move
in lieu of gratitude
how I remember you
is how I will
how you remember me
is your memory to fill

Friday, April 22, 2016


loss is gain is earth
is pain is sun is
rain is friendship dying
growth is new is ground
blue is meant for flying

death is newer fruit
is ripe and won is
worth is sisters crying
gratitude is found
even in the lying

life is data search
is then the sum of
panning for the golden
new is lost and wound
tighter than the runoff

right is wrong again
is still the burn off
on a friendless wind storm
sisters soulless found
nothing beats a sun roof

storm is calm again
is buried under
decades of intention
right is wronged renowned
living neat living sound

living quiet
dying loud

For B. For now…