Monday, April 27, 2009

It was time to get back. We crossed paths with a friend of The Mister’s we had just seen at the gig the night before. Allen Jones, accompanied by his missus, was pushing their grandchildren in a double stroller taking in the sunshine. Allen and “Uncle” Stanley had been in a very popular 70’s band called Mint. The Mister reflected that he recalled last seeing Allen’s children when they were the size of the grandkids in the stroller! We both can’t help but be reminded of our last trip to Bradgate Park with The Mister’s parents, when his father was already confined to a wheelchair and before the ones left behind forgot how to love. Bittersweet, it was.

As we were still on the run, those few quiet moments in nature’s abundance served us well. But there was a birthday cake yet to be found—at Marks & Spencer—which surprised me because I’d once heard the Mister rattle superlatives about the underwear. Cake, too? Who knew! The Mister had to rehearse and because a late night pursuit of fish and chips the night before was woefully unsuccessful, we indulged in the biggest, greasiest nest of fish and chips from Grimsby Fisheries before heading our bloated selves off to The Musician.

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