Sunday, July 2, 2017

beyond in love with you
leaves me among the stars 
eaten by monsters
scrabbling for stories
before we know it
beyond in love with you
carries a briefcase of regret
stuffed with earnest unforget
that is still undecided
beyond in love with you
keeps me quiet in
the dark silent night
you have your job
and I have the dogfight
beyond in love with you
is the message I carved in
the still wet cement
never easy
never repent
you loved me before the
message hardens
I love you like a threatened garden
I am yours
you are mine
lost the rings on our fingers
found the heart stopping reminder
in a small place in Paris
understanding distress
I came to you in
combative redress
and you welcomed me
you welcomed me
beyond in love with you
that is all
that was then
this is now
no regrets