Wednesday, March 16, 2016

soap opera eyes
rise in octave hearts
bewildered in chance and
reminded at starts
that the light above is
the big light
that the light above is
the first light
you see in childy romance
the light that you see
forever in mid-chance
the big light is yours
and mine in our histories
we have no refined mystery
we cling to the murder,
the pain and the laughter
soap opera eyes
in the pleasant hereafter
sleep uneasily
open eyes heedlessly
once and again in
past gruesome romance
there’s that train whistle
as I clutch my truth pants
soap opera eyes
have the stuff I revere
uppity, negroid, astonished and queer
I’m old now
heedlessly charting my
life with you
we’re okay now
finally out of the blue
we’re okay now
and I am heedlessly loving you
we’re okay now and
flailing anew

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