Thursday, March 3, 2016

On the phone
like we always are
like we always were
sometimes with great distances
between the connections
on the phone
older than we always have been
like we never should have been
on the phone
she’s doom and gloom
and I half heartedly agree
because when we were young
I was the foolish and the free
she bailed me out
of painless ecstasy
on the phone
we begin to get older
memory serves like a wounded soldier
you are what? I shout
into the phone
voting for HIM
are you mad?
what’s the harm she says
he speaks the truth
what’s the harm I yell
what has happened to you
and those little ghosts
that have always been there
reappear in words often
like the silt of an argument
sluicing the gutter
life lived with another
falls away like a gas
disperses the times we
walked shoulder to shoulder
disappears in the now
that we are much older
voting for HIM
has divided
has built us a border
can I pass
will I fix
this friendship disorder
take the time to
bury what I can’t understand
on the phone
like we always can
nearer and often we are undecided
vote for him and
we are forever divided

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