Sunday, March 20, 2016

I miss certain beings
transient, invisible dreamworthy sorts
they flit in my uppermost afterword thoughts
some I have hated
or have hated me
others refrained from the
loud limb of the tree that
I crawled out on in drunken reverie
I went to a protest
and questioned the act
familiar yes
but still after the fact
marching and chanting
for all that is worth
eyes askance at the  formidable earth
it’s digging I say
that make things grow
not the repeatedly
unerring courtroom of know
I miss certain things
loudly visibly angered retorts
on busses to places that dropped us
in parking lots  full of the faceless
in innocent cases
I miss certain things that removed my braces
the chalky teeth underneath
is just about aging
No matter, I speak
No matter, I write
No matter, I vote or I don’t vote tonight
 the message like a sheet
over the drunkards reborn
is hanged out to dry
in the sun of our norm
I miss certain things I may well have to lose
this is mine
this was yours
in a cliff dwellers remove
you may laugh you may scorn
those urban trifles
all there is to prove
are existentialist rifles
One shot
one win
totally zen

I miss certain things again and again.

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