Wednesday, March 25, 2015


magic is risk
a fire set alight
magic sleeps in the
same clothes every night
it’s revenge when you’re old
and pretend it’s the light
magic  is going to hell
in a hand basket
magic is what came
before you asked it
a bottle uncorked
a liquid that’s blasted
the front door
the window
a passage untraced
black cats rumble
the witch in the kitchen
magic is risk
and fire and then some
magic sleeps in the
same clothes every night
love her or leave her
she knows what is right
ready for death or the dubious life
magic is risk
like the day betting night
dawn is the bullet
makes it all right
dawn is the handshake
the dubious clause
a contract you meant
a contract you avoid
magic is clueless and handsome
a noise
magic is sound
the kind you rejoice
and when threatened by death
in a memory verse
magic lives on

for better or worse

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