Saturday, March 14, 2015

I am afraid I will 
go growling again
fantasy shopping 
in windows begins
I am afraid I will 
go frowning again
fantasy looking in mirrors
when story unfolds
again and again
I am afraid of the nautical end
the knot tied securely
the lighthouse defused
it matters like friendship unused
it matters like
friendship made in minutes
I am afraid
I don’t care who knows it
I am despaired
I don’t care who wins it
I am afraid I will
crush it and sink it
wake in a drunken slumber
find the bow, find the captain
prepare to take orders
we are fucked
we are scorched
like the first explorers
burned like the leaves
of our imagination chorus
I am I’m afraid
a simpering thesaurus
What child you knew
upsets and burns forests
Fuck life fuck end
fuck beginning unfriend
I find it hard to connect’
and easier to unfriend

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