Thursday, August 9, 2012

She doesn’t cry herself to sleep
she’s still angry
just not at me
what she failed at
she’s flailed at
and found her policy
at her own door
I’m not her enemy
I’m her friend
I’m her beginning
not her end
and she’s willing to
argue that to the end
I don’t hold her head anymore
over the bathroom floor
the after fact
the end of the first act
is not the end of everything
we’re married and found the map
the bits we lose
again and again
she cries awake now
loud in an off putting way
sends them running
friends once
enemies forever
until the bridge recovers
the forever falls over
and hovers above and below
she is born again and again
and then who wins
me, I do
a wanderer in her soul
me, a madness
seeking whole
she doesn’t cry herself to sleep
the mountain
is no longer steep


Belnu said...

I am her beginning!!!
I can identify a Leo or Sagitarius man thinking she was nothing before him!
Am I wrong?

Linda Danz said...
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