Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I spin around the sun
wonder what becomes of age
when night crawls under
the window sash

I spin around the sun
for as long as I can
until mirrors no longer reflect
anything but the light

I spin around the sun
standing still sometimes
under stars confusing life
with anything but right

I spin around the sun
like a child who knows no age
I take my time and meet the gaze
of night when it comes

I spin around the sun
with love in my arms
on a warm summer morning
when songs come without warning

I spin around the sun
make my way in the day
like I have for many lifetimes
like I will for many nights

August 7, 2012


paul said...

Gorgeous ..... but then again, why wouldn't it be, it was written by you and you too are Gorgeous.

Rosalita said...

Happy Un-Birthday.


Rosalita said...

Greetings from Virginia. Wishing you a joyful (oh, what to call it?) nonrecognition of an event that happened way back when...you know what I'm talking about, Sister.

Linda Danz said...


Send me your e-mail. In dog years I'd be dead!

Rosalita said...

Obviously, I do not know how to blog.... You can reach me @ millpondfiberarts@gmail.com