Sunday, August 19, 2012


September 21st

what comes in autumn
wears a different color
leaving gets stronger
memory grows older
a light is turned on
an unanswered question
those who would rule
do without our assent
when life is ignored
and death takes a stand
innocence, guilt
never a question
revenge and power
keeps us uncertain
no call to repent
from the honored grave
life worth living
was worth being saved
a sister a brother
united in love
far from injustice
democracy’s curse
a nation still waiting
for history’s reverse
when death visits greed
and unholy power
it casts a sharp eye
on what we’ll endure
it plays to the weakest
who never are sure
and so think it’s safe
that haughty presence
the refined diplomat
a murderous essence
until one autumn day
sick of the cringing
it loses support
for legalized lynching
on that autumn day
lives worth an honor
lead us out of the dark
to a brighter tomorrow

In active memory of Troy Davis and his incomparable sister Martina Correia

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