Thursday, December 17, 2015

life preservers

sentimental waves
drown me in that willing sea
pass the bucket
line the coffin
quell the ruckus that is me
I’m a man without borders
in California
or New York
I spear the living with insight
and the dead with a fork
nothing is hopeless
when tempted to pornography
the map I seek is the Land of the free
who is the Buddha
who laughs the last laugh
what child speaks volumes
of a life not yet empty
the ark is rocked
steering holds fast
two by two fairy tales
I tend to the truth
two by two fairy tales
builds a roof
whatever is stale
in the regretful unknown
makes a beam in the cellar
and a house a home
it’s vintage it’s trend
it’s a world with no end
I am the life preserver
so, fuck it, commence.

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