Wednesday, December 23, 2015


annihilate me
violate me
take a chance and quiet me
you place yer bets
you takes yer chances
will I fall for your romance
your boneless dances 
or will I jump at the sound
of something amiss
rush to the bookcase
to the the owl beheaded
it needs fixing now
goddamn cat I shriek
you nasty feline
fucking annoying
furred man of my dreams
I’m yours in the morning
I feed you it seems
I’m yours again
when an afternoon read
turns to narcoleptic dreams
stare at me on the toilet
I’m used to it now
slide beside me
deride me
with that furrowing brow
you’re a cat
I’m a human
let’s sort that all now
you’re a cat
I’m a human
I bow, I bow
and continue presuming’
I’m still a human
maybe not forever

but at least for now.

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