Wednesday, November 11, 2015

After Midnight

I need you awake
more than you know
more than the salt
melts the snow
more than the gas
in the tank overflows
I need you to know

there’s bits of me lying about

I need you to stem
a bloodless cascade
when did these hands
cradle such doubt
I need you to sort
the mysterious out
I need you to help

the best of me trying to fade

I need you unharmed
ready to love
I need you to be
the field that we’ve farmed
become my Imam
my pastor my shepherd
I want to be your beloved

what you have never heard of

until there was Paris
until there was us
until nothing scared us
until we refused
until there were marvelous
cracks in between
I wanted your gentle
I wanted your mean

I need you awake
in our ongoing dream
when we slay dragons
when we crawl beneath
what scares us what tears us
the impenetrable seam
in canyons ageless

I love you, unseen.

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