Thursday, October 8, 2015

becoming me can happen any time
in the girls locker room or 
walking the blind
sometimes it’s there
when a person needs dinner
it becomes me as much
as a loser as winner
becoming me is black and blue
on a bicycle meant
to ride one not two
left to sob over love unrequited
years become insults soon righted
becoming me has a map
of its own
becoming me has a special crown
of thorns or roses
of invaluable losses
and swings in my own time
from shadows I know
becoming me takes a while
becoming me is non GMO grow
underfoot lies my story
those fabulous creatures
musical notes to a suicide
change the meaning
and direction
like the death tarot card
it’s new this insurrection
it’s new this request
that a creature so tender
still honors the beast
yet black and blue
says she bets you are rad
in the great brief remembered
and I take it and seal it
and make it less tender
becoming me is a fonder renewal
becoming me is junk food
and jewel

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