Saturday, May 30, 2015

For Joni

there are times when
we leave reason behind
what’s in front, in the now, begs forever
things like tumors
and fractures and aneurisms
are small change for the price
of understanding never
raw things like rumors
and capture and vampirism
remain in the nice
how we dissect the heroes of memory
is all about us
is all about we
our personal quest is plagiarism
I knew a woman, I felt her pain
I knew what she was from my own
personal ism
to hear what she suffered is the sweet song
it is not our story
it is not our longing
we dissect bones we unwillingly envy
it often comes down to
a suite condescending
an opera of voices in crisis unending
how we love what she gave us

beauty unending
is not for our small selves
to tear into bits
how we love what she gave us
that is what it is.

Photo: Norman Jean Roy

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