Friday, February 6, 2015

talk a glass eye to sleep
leave the ventriloquist alone
on an empty stage
say the prayers to home
you left long ago
origami for beginners on radio
foot on the gas
for a travelin’ show
who is the dog
barking at your door
journey proud you are
you are asking for more
on the road to practical magic
Flash Harry is
fascinated by body alone
there’s a Guinness left
on a lonely bar
and none for the tasking
innocents slaughtered
not that it matters
what my name is
I live in the tortured
you can’t just dream
you must break the law
shatter what seems
unable to thaw
home and the heart is
my council my foe
I am outside myself
the garden gnome
has nobody else
I am lonely and indiscreet
the landmine it seems
is at my feet
do I fit the shield over my face
or leave it undone
like a royal disgrace
I know things for which
I shall be made to recuse
I know things always
my head means to lose
am I mad
am I sane
whatever the bother
I am yours
I am mine
I am the revolver

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