Monday, February 16, 2015

Credit the calvary, which
shows up in time for the
free-wheeling disasters
you know, in the dream,
where you
scream from a tree limb
or piss yourself
just before you wake
from a nightmare divine
just before the gulf crests
do you see what I mean
this fantastic discussion
this lip smacking urge
to smother concussion
credit what shores
up the kindle that don’t
load the bonfire, the wars
the celebrity grunt
the audience looks forward
players need scores
light the match when the
laptop is open and fired
for once let me load
let me goad let me pounce
you know that I dream
and I dream often this sound
of the calvary arriving
loaded and wanton
built in, remembered
poets forgotten
credit the calvary, which
shows up in time
in the knick of free wheeling
forgettable rhyme
my kindle is fired it’s
not letting me load
I look forward to reading
when the laptop’s not broken
thanks for sharing now
I’ll flip the laptop open
be warned
what once was romance
is now specious built in
I miss that the fellow
the enemy within
is cheating the romance of evil, of sin
that’s the sorrow of
those who despair on the chin
bad music, bad poems,

bad stories a sin
bad poetry you say
well, I’m in. I am in.

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