Friday, September 27, 2013


I’ll walk among
the wounded
not for the pain
but the crazy
what’s left on remainder
a membership
in altered states
where I slip behind
purity gates
I’ll walk among the wounded
in a private country
no need to undo me
left behind from birth
for what that is worth
again and again
I will favor imbalance
life is so messy
like a ruffled valance
in an empty room
what do I choose
I’m a fake happily
in a real situation
and then painfully
when confronted
with creation
how do I manage
a lie over and over
I find the ones who know
when to discover
that  water flows
that water will save us
the small in the earth
the deep in the well
I won’t beg for salvation
in a roomful of friends
or strip the lead
from the lip
pull the cork from revenge
life is imbalance
what I wish for is instant
what i get is
fame naturally
it comes from a distance
like a comforting film
arrives like a blister
a gift from the sun
I’ll walk among wounded
mystery’s sister
make me laugh now
make me sinister
be my friend through all winters
bind our feet together
trample enemies forever
walk among the wounded
discern the trust
walk among us
light footed
and make no fuss

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