Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I had a doll
many dolls once
they smelled of cinnamon
and nutmeg and since
made my life
what it is
shopping and cooking
like I’d won a prize
and once I saw Sago Nut
in the face of a woman
a banana leaf skirt
so uncommon
meant forever
was never unwanted
I had a doll once
and then she was stolen
a moment in time
left me alone
a walk in a city of
brotherly love
regarded the sister
who had no power
who could not blister
I had a doll once
I thought she was stolen
I found her again
and knew I had won
what little there is
in a family feud
what waste exists
in a land of bemused
the reason is always a hidden thing
like the doll in the attic
like the bird with no wing
stay close to the hearth
that does not exist
pretend to the warmth
forgive and forget
a doll is a doll
whatever the worth
a handshake, embrace
is closer to earth

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