Thursday, August 27, 2009

"The Twins." Gone but not forgotten.


zbelnu said...

Oh, gone! They were so beautiful and giant and generous with their shadows and protection. You made a great portrait, I can hear their silence

Druidhead said...

Yes, Bel that is it exactly. I can hear the silence, too. I try to think that maybe they're "death" is a rebirth for me because now I am not that young woman who was so unhappy, so angry. I hope they replace them as the park department has planned. Two little saplings, starting all over. We'll see and I'll report!

Raining AGAIN here today.

Your cousin can become a follower. I would like that.

Qualunque said...

I've just visited NY, a gorgeus city! my best memories are related with your parks, with your magnificent trees... I'm green with envy!

Here in Barcelona we don't need tropical storms to cut down trees, we have a disastrous local government in charge of that.

Druidhead said...

Welcome to The American Friend

I looked at your blog (Washington Square!) and will try the funny Google English version of it.

I am a native New Yorker. Because I live so close to Central Park it has become my second home. If the economy gets any worse it could become my first home :+)

My heart breaks at what is happening to Barcelona's trees. It is a grave mistake. Isabel is a hero for those trees.

I hope you come back to the blog and enjoy my posts and short stories and the music I write with my husband Paul.

Thanks for dropping by!