Monday, August 17, 2009

The scheduled fireworks start late and we agree that we’ll have to miss the burlesque show this time. We’re on Coney time, after all. But we’ll be back. The fireworks, a decidedly very low-tech affair brought back more fond memories than anything Macy’s has ever elicited as the
ooohs and aaahs chorused around us. Sleepy children slumped in strollers, oblivious. One mother explained that they had been on the beach since that morning and smiled indulgently as she rocked her son back and forth. Another woman, extravagantly manicured, described the filet-o-fish she’s had earlier. “I hadda throw out the fish. That’s how bad it was. Fries so greezy it was up in my nails. I stuffed them into the bread and had a potato sandwich!”

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