Monday, January 12, 2009

for Isabel

When I feel at sea
And winter has undone me
I go to the sea
And let the waves admonish me

Aging is just one
of many memorandums
I cannot still long
And let the past encompass me

The waves lick my boots
The kingbirds flitter boldly
You cannot be old
The little creatures counsel me

Give in to the calm
What’s outside is foregone
The damage is done
Let winter light recover me


zbelnu said...

Oh thanks!!! It was like being on the sand listening your thoughts...

el objeto a said...

I entered you blog through Isabel's, I really liked this poem, came already three times to read it!
I like to come and see the images, read your long texts by pieces, I like the place and the feeling,

may winter light recover us...

kind regards from barcelona

Linda Danz said...

Ah well, a poem sometimes comes easily when the object in Nature is so strong and beautiful. I am always recovered by a winter sea.