Monday, January 26, 2009

Photograph: Christina Zarcadoolas

      For Tilly

Pleasures don’t come often free
Hard won these restful moments
A dog like me has issues and
I’m slow to slumber easily

Rescue from a caged life
Cannot dispel the foment
A dog like me has issues and
I tend to bite the moment

I like to think I’m only safe
When one eye is still open
I’m a bulldog—Boston—see?
We thrive on more than hoping

But if I find a gentle spot
To lay my nervous head down
The other eye sees kindness when
You stoop to  comfort me

I’m not afraid and still I am
I’ll sleep because you let me
I’m not afraid and still I’ll be
The dog you chose and set me free


zbelnu said...

I like it! Who is Tillie, if I may ask?

Linda Danz said...

Tilly lives next door. Her owner adopted Tilly. For four years Tilly was at a shelter for Boston Bull dogs in Arkansas. She had been owned by a breeder but Tilly was too small to have litters and the breeder got rid of her. My neighbor wanted a companion for her wonderful dog Petie and found Tilly. The two dogs are the best friends and Tilly has become a real New Yorker.