Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I don’t even know why 
I’m tethered to the word
I know what I like
I know what I hate
I know what bores me to tears
I know what annoys me
deploys me
underscores me
I know what has nothing to say
I know what you are
what I am this time
I know what will change
when the words
hit the rhyme
and the backbeat rebels me to fears
I may have forgotten
those words when
they meant
the stuff purely rotten
things I don’t say
when I want to play
the garden
when the beat was
when the song was
a drifting on a Montauk sea
I know that you got
the challenge in me
like a clown on the wire
like surfboard on fire
like a man who knows when to
quit the desire
I love you beyond
the why
I love you here
on drunken denial
I love and music is our
special friend
I love you forever until our end

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