Thursday, January 28, 2016

once or twice or
a thousand times more
the earth travels the sun
or the sea laps the shore
the quiet that comes when
the silence predicts it
the strange counter weight that is
needed to say it
you don’t know what is right
you guess only what’s wrong
you won’t take that road
that you knew all along
was the cul de sac
at the end of the road
you steer past that sign
for your very last act
that queer undeniable
heartbreaking fact
look over your shoulder
it’s useless, retract
she will always be rolling
that infinite boulder
she will until she is
immeasurably older
and stops for a minute
in webbed retrospect
knows she should have been laughing
seeking a cryable shoulder
once or twice or
a thousand times more
she lives to fill in
innumerable cracks
and that, as they say, is always that

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