Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Grand Gesture

fish swim
lions roar
flowers bloom
where have I heard this before
runners win
still the poor
migrants need room
where have I heard this before
when I fall in love with a song line
simpler than the rest
when I flex my arms
when I pass the test
birds fly
muscles ache
actors regroup
where have I seen this before
Christians sin
in Black comedy
laughter turns rancid
after awhile
like cream in the sun
like an abandoned child
where have I felt this before
at the seaside
in a wild ride
in a boat that has no room
for them or for me
when I seek to redress
when I plead for this mess
to be fixed in an ordinary way
that humans evolve
can I shout out loud
fix this shit
once and for all
fix this shit
here and now

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