Friday, July 24, 2015


once every year
you move closer to the sun
some wars have been lost
some have been won
age loses meaning and definition
you sing the same song
as a different rendition
this comes every summer
without warning or shout
you’ve stalled at the gate
wondering what to let out
sun child you are
traveling to the moon
on a cloud of regret
that feeds your poems
you don’t go very far anymore
from the light in your room
where stories are gathered
where characters bloom
sun child you are
who worships the moon
sits atop the Great Wheel
and enjoys the burlesque when
fireworks beat an incoming fog
once again it’s outfoxed
once again you beat god
you have who repairs you
who has long passed the test
many things still scare you

it’s a common repast
this dining on old hurts
and what is unfair you
turn your face to the heat
sun child that you are
and look to the moon
to travel unarmed
write freely and finally
to live unharmed

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