Sunday, October 26, 2014

overkill underkill
the thrill undeserved
sanctified realized
undersized is still
toothless and fruitless
a warning a nod
lazy disarming
weighty and flighty
wined by the storm
alone or in measures
of humans unarmed
take a bullet
a moment
a pick of the lot
shoot the wrong from the right
or get rid of the lot
sit by me and inquire or not
I’m pleased with the sound of your voice
dance with me or rather
leave a moment quieter
in a dark corner
where we shall foment
overkill underkill
the latter or former
it matters never the order
sound is the truth of
any great moment
the song, the poem, the drunkards pretend
who wins the lottery
which one has the scent
God is awesome
repent and repent.

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