Friday, September 26, 2014

teach me he says
but he doesn’t say what
you are great he says
but he doesn’t say why
stop killing he says
but he doesn’t say that
read my story he says
I’m sorry for hate
make me the hero
make me see new
tricks that I jump through
teach me he says
when what he means
is love me this instant
you are brilliant he says
what he means is “light me”
he is burrowing now
when he should be spiraling
I watch from the sidelines
his eager following
I paw the earth
like a stallion unknowing
what will become of
this jockeying friendship
him or me discovers foreboding
marauding in kinship
boots on the ground
or weak backyard sunsets
if you kill or be killed
you will never rest
if you cleave to the common
you’ll have missed the arabesque
dismissed the bowman
danced in a hall all alone
loved if you will
by nothing but song

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