Monday, March 31, 2014

the art of the feud

she wasn’t looking for good
she knew better
she’d come from a long line
of irreverent slappers
who fought over notes
inconvenient detractors
when life was augmented
and canons redacted
it’s simple he said
it’s all down to order
an enigma she said
if you can’t be bothered
it’s a twisty kind of self-reliance
listen for the code
death is defiance
finish referential
dare to intrude
on what is old
separate her from the flaws
count her among debated encores
the last sheet of music
as the old ones compete
in the cheap seats
defying ugly defeat
she wasn’t looking for good
those errors and flaws
had a way of seduction
that cannot be proven
she wasn’t looking for good
she was looking for human

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