Saturday, July 20, 2013


breach cleft crack
heartsoul rock and roll
rent useless seams
be unhappy when
ignoring the bridge
and the ugly troll
be wrong when it means
you know what is old
given it’s just you and me
around the campfire
the wealth of debris
bemuse confuse
tickle the wire
inject the rock
it’s typically slurry
water of water,
hurry of hurry
laugh at the sudden violence
regard regulation
divine contamination
we know its course
toward a future damnation
follow its scent
no brakes
new inventions
discovered too late
all fakes
our consent
we know titillates
ground and sea, bumblebees
i’m drunk
what does it matter
on my knees
treaties speak language
of the appeased
we discover unasked
we discover at last
a campfire
needs music
humans need stories
we discover at last
the futility of glory  

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