Friday, November 16, 2012

After the Storm

For Bel

we make mistakes
we heal those breaks
or leave them to die naturally
a limb falls under
a tree torn asunder
pressed close to the
wet clean earth
nature has warned
nature transforms
our offering, our friendships, our worth
the cat runs for cover
no lover of thunder
you watch and you wait
until dark dissipates
in an hour or a day
there are many false starts
a light then a downpour
you wait
for the song in the roar
clouds roll back on a
storm wearied night
what’s clear is an absence
of rage of fright
awake in the sunlight
on a still sodden lawn
you cross a ball field
bravado long gone
you seek grandeur from
trees that you’ve learned
from a friend
have something to
tell you
and so you pretend
the bigger the better
you think and you’re pleased
until you see in the distance
resilient young trees
they’ve weathered the storm
as your friend could not
once the map was drawn
she leaves unlocked
but she still has a word
to bring you to age
and you will hold dear
that hard fought wisdom
trust the trees she tells you
come when they call
be alive while you’re here
you still have to grow some.

I will miss you every day of my life.


kymm said...

Such a beautiful poem, a lovely homage. Please allow me to offer you my condolences. Barcelona will be that much darker without her light.

Linda Danz said...

We are still stunned. Are you Bel's friend? I can't imagine the sorrow that blankets Barcelona tonight. I appreciate your very kind words.

Anna said...

Bel would certainly have loved these words, where trees play the role she believed in.

Linda Danz said...

Thank you friend