Friday, September 14, 2012

For Billie

big gray cat
her terrain’s paladin
when the dog arrives
she is on guard again
though she looms like
an ash mushroom cloud
soft and dangerous
a fog spreading warning
over the dog
so timid so mild
that only appears
now and again
stays a few days
favor to a friend
the cat who was born
to life on the street
accepts the dog’s presence
a challenge to meet
shakes off the sloth
of complacent breath
she preys and she stalks with
newfound self respect
that sense of herself
not an indolent cat
but one who has reason
and courage at that
she  stalks silently
pompous threat in her stare
when i awake she hisses
you will not be there
and if you are
and the household agrees
i’ll leave you to bend
an agreeable knee
and you will go your way
and I will go mine
but never forget
that I am sublime.

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