Friday, September 25, 2009


This intuitive lifeline exists in Nature and yet some human beings are not only reluctant to throw out the lifeline, they often make value judgments before getting involved. The humans in our government have everything in their power to throw a lifeline to the citizens of this country—a public option to health care—and despite the successful, compassionate results in countries like France and Canada, to name a few, they gather like misers on an already sinking ship and horde their ill gotten gains while bending to the will of their real bosses, the corporate captains of the health insurance industry and big pharma. The citizens who are and always will be the spine of this country are left to float in fragile lifeboats on turbulent waters when they should be welcomed aboard and guaranteed a healthful existence. They would grow stronger, repairing the war torn ship, making her a sound vessel in the long run. She could sail proudly in international waters alongside those more progressive countries. Everyone would win. Okay, maybe not the insidious drug companies and the avaricious health insurance monsters but who needs them on an ark anyway?


Bel Nu said...

I agree. I was wondering if someday something would happen to change these horrors for good. Maybe it is only my wishful thinking

Bel Nu said...

Oh and beautiful beautiful garden!

Druidhead said...

I have the biggest beautiful garden just up the street, my beloved Central Park! I pass these trees every day that I walk across the park.